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ANRC Physiotherapy Clinics - East Grinstead, Horsham, Ashurstwood, Lingfield

Bachelor of Physiotherapy, Dip in Yoga Therapy, Dip in Acupuncture
Registered in UK-HPC 97964, Member of ISE, IAP & MSCP

Senior Chartered Physiotherapist and Ergonomist
Director - ANRC Physiotherapy Clinic (Neuromusculoskeletal Rehabilitation) Ltd.
East Grinstead - Crawley, Horsham, Ashurstwood and Lingfield - United Kingdom

Praveen is a Senior Physiotherapist and Ergonomist at ANRC Physiotherapy Clinic with more than nine years of experience in the field of physiotherapy, mainly chronic pain management, ergonomics and sports injuries.

Praveen has treated more than 10,000 RSI & other neuromusculoskeletal disorder patients from different countries around the world. He has conducted free medical camps for physically disabled children and for chronic pain management, and conducted computer work station analyses at IT companies.

Praveen has worked as ergonomic consultant for IT companies like AMD India Engineering Pvt Ltd Bangalore, Wipro – Bangalore (the company had not less than 20 thousand employees) and Cisco Bangalore. He also has experience in neuro-rehabilitation, hands-on therapy for RSI rehabilitation and other kinds of pain management. He specialises in hands-on physiotherapy which includes trigger point therapy, muscle energy techniques (MET), myofascial release, soft tissue and articular mobilisations, besides various sports injury taping techniques.

Special Interests and Skills:

  • Physical Rehabilitation of Musculoskeletal Disorders, Myofascial Pain Syndrome, Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI), Neck and Back Pain, Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome, Sports Injuries, Chronic Pain Conditions like fibromyalgia, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV), stroke and other neurological conditions
  • Paediatric Rehabilitation for Neuromuscular Disorders like Cerebral Palsy, CTEV, spina bifida etc.
  • Ergonomics for preventing work related musculoskeletal disorders

Special Training attended:

  • Musculoskeletal Risk Assessment using OCRA, MAPO, RULA and NIOSH lifting formula by D Colombini, N Battevi and L Pigini from University of Milan, Italy
  • Advanced Course in Ergonomics - By Prof Arun Garg (Author of Revised NIOSH lifting equation and Strain Index), from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA
  • Advanced course in functional spasticity management - By Dr Deepak Sharan, Director, Recoup, Bangalore India and Prof C K Senthilkumar, The Principal, Garden City College, Bangalore
  • Training workshops on Manual Therapy, Myotherapy, Fitness, Ergonomics, Musculoskeletal Disorders
  • Diploma in Acupuncture (D.Ac) from Indian Acupuncture Training Centre
  • Diploma in Yoga Therapy from Institute of Spiritual, Cultural & Holistic Health Science Centre
  • Kinesio taping - Sports injuries/Work related musculoskeletal injuries


Asija V.S
Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery

Senior Ayurveda Massage Therapist

Asija worked as Medical Officer at Dhathri Ayurveda Panchakarma Kendra for two years and is well trained in the panchakarma procedure and massage techniques.

Bindu Nair
Bachelor of Physiotherapy
Registered in UK-HCPC 89679 APCP- 106756 & MSCP-084803

Senior Chartered Physiotherapist

Bindu Nair is a Senior Paediatric Physiotherapist with 10 years of experience, managing children’s conditions from the ages of zero to 18. She is a highly motivated, confident individual with exceptional multi-tasking and organisational skills. She carries out appropriate and accurate assessment and treatment of paediatric patients with diverse clinical presentations and complex needs, using appropriate assessment tools.

Ms Nair is skilled in formulating and implementing individual treatment programmes based on information from assessment, clinical knowledge and using a sound clinical reasoning process. She effectively and sensitively communicates with patients and carers to maximise the rehabilitation of patients.

Ms Nair has excellent skills and vast experience working with children and young people to assess their needs and device suitable treatment plans for them. She is adept at maintaining accurate, clear and legible patient records in accordance with HCPC and CSP standards. Her knowledge and awareness of using Evidence Based Practice is excellent.

Her experience covers children in Child Development Centres, nurseries, mainstream schools, home visits and hydrotherapy sessions of Paediatric Musculoskeletal Caseload.

She regularly liaises with parents or colleagues of different centres to facilitate children’s progressions and physiotherapy management. She provides family / carer home exercise programmes if needed. She liaises with MDT and external agencies to achieve best client care including dealing with equipments and orthotics as a part of PT intervention.

Special Interests and Skills

  • Neuro Developmental Therapy for paediatrics
  • Neurological conditions: cerebral palsy, head injury and spinal injury, neuromuscular disorders and Down's Syndrome clients
  • MSK- back and joint pain, postural issues, soft tissue injuries, gait abnormalities, toe walkers, hypermobility
  • Developmental conditions such as developmental delays, pre-term and pre-mature babies, generalised global developmental delay
  • Orthopaedic conditions: postural talipes, Erb's palsy, Torticollis, Plagiocephaly, Perthes, pre and post op surgical conditions such as hemispherectomies, SDR and other multi-level surgeries
  • Neuromuscular conditions: Muscular Dystrophy
  • Motor relearning and Bobath technique
  • Running aqua baby group and complex baby gym
  • Postural control and physiotherapy management for ages 0 – to 18 years

Work experience:

  • Young Epilepsy - Senior Physiotherapist, London North West Healthcare NHS Trust - Band 6 Paediatric MSK Physiotherapist-Locum
  • Nila Lakhani & Associates, Children Therapy Services – Specialist, Children’s Physiotherapy
  • Southend Hospital NHS Trust - Lighthouse Child Development Centre (March 2014 –May 2014) Band 6 Paediatric Specialist Physiotherapist-Locum
  • Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust-Band 6 Learning Disability Specialist Physiotherapist
  • Alder Hey NHS Trust - Liverpool (Children and Young People) Band 6 Specialist Community Paediatric Physiotherapist
  • Worked as Team Leader in a Paediatric Neuro Rehabilitation Unit in India
  • Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences -Senior Physiotherapist
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