Are you suffering from joint aches or pain?

What is manipulation/ mobilization?

Manipulations and mobilizations are manual techniques used to physically reposition the joints. If you are feeling joint pain or stiffness your physiotherapist may decide that manipulations or mobilizations are the best courses of treatment. There is a wide range of techniques that can be used to move a joint to increase its active range of movements one among the best is MWM.

How does manipulation/ mobilization help?

Manipulations and mobilizations get the joint moving. This often takes place with the individual in a relaxed position without causing any pain. This allows the physiotherapist to move the joint within the desired range or else called as the pain-free range. This will achieve movement of the joint that would not be possible by the patient alone due to pain. The manipulation or mobilization gets the joint moving which can

  • Reduce the stiffness
  • Reduce the pain
  • Increase active range of movements
  • Increase function of a joint or extremity

What are the benefits of mobilization?

Manipulations and mobilizations can benefit many problems such as:

  •  Back pain
  • Joint aches and pain
  • Post fracture cases
  • Arthritic Joints
  • Post RTA cases

The Physiotherapy treatment of musculoskeletal injuries has progressed from its foundation in remedial gymnastics and active exercise to therapist-applied passive physiological movement and on to therapist-applied accessory techniques. Brian Mulligan’s concept of mobilizations with movement (MWMS) is the logical continuance of this evolution with the concurrent application of both therapists applied accessory and patient-generated active physiological movements. These techniques were developed by Mulligan in New Zealand through his role as the principle clinical instructor for the New Zealand Manipulative Therapy Associations Graduate Diploma program and over 30 years in private clinical practice. First used in the cervical spine, MWMs quickly found their way into the treatment of peripheral joint dysfunctions and have undergone clinical refinement and expansion to all areas of the spine and most extremity joints.

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Brian Mulligan ( During his masterclass in London)